Born and raised in RIchmond, Virginia, I toyed with photography as a teenager until I left my camera on top of my car.  Years later, after getting over seeing my camera crash and burn, I got a new one and started shooting again.  I was inspired by the mundane things I saw.  Always wondering how to take something plain and make it noticeable and special.  Courses at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts led to a hunger for more as I dodged and burned in the darkroom.  Later, I moved to New York City where I was able to study at the International Center of Photography.  And I found the perfect playground for photographing all that was around me.  Living in New York City gave me the opportunity to study a natural element in a unique setting.  Home came calling in 2014, though, and I came back home to Richmond.  

As photographers, we see with our hearts something beyond what the eye can capture.  A moment in time forever frozen.  Yet, a moment brings with it a powerful sadness, an exhilarating adventure, or a seamless joy.  Encapsulating those emotions in a brief instant is what it takes to draw someone into that image to experience it in the same way.  

Realize a precious moment in time.  

A time to hold onto.  

The emotion of time.